Designing a Millennial Leadership Development Strategy

On Demand | taught by Erica Wexler & Dr. Brandi

Masterclass Description

In this masterclass, we explore strategies for supporting emerging leaders within your organization.  Millennials are being promoted into leadership positions, but are given little guidance on how to transition successfully into these roles. Erica Wexler and Dr. Brandi discuss:

  • How to prepare leaders for change
  • The importance of communication, and
  • How to coach emerging leaders through tough projects.

Erica Wexler & Dr. Brandi
Erica Wexler & Dr. Brandi
Center for Millennial Engagement Advising Team

Erica Wexler, President of Erica Wexler Transforms, is a pragmatically optimistic change facilitator who excels at helping organizations transform their vision into practice, navigate change and turnaround cultures of crisis. Her integration of individual, team and organization-wide communication approaches creates a holistic experience for her clients with a true “so-what” factor. Her background in leadership engagement has involved spearheading large-scale system change initiatives; meeting design and facilitation; and developing effective communication and training approaches with a variety of stakeholder communities within government, business, nonprofit, and educational sectors.  Erica earned her Master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania and holds certifications in Organizational Leadership and Change Management. She is also an Accredited LIFO® Licensee in Executive Coaching.

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