Managing Millennials Part 2

Pragmatic Benevolence | taught by Clymer Bardsley, J.D. & Dr. Brandi

Masterclass Description

Managing people can be challenging. Managing millennials doesn't have to be.  In this masterclass learn how to manage your team by utilizing a strategy called Pragmatic Benevolence. This strategy outlines 10 tactics that can be used when dealing with particularly challenging conflict situations on the job. 

Pragmatic Benevolence is an approach that assumes a "power with" vs. "power over" orientation for managers who want to preserve a positive relationship with their team. Although this approach doesn't have to be used exclusively with millennials, we identified many ways that it can be used when managing millennial professionals.

Clymer Bardsley, J.D. & Dr. Brandi
Clymer Bardsley, J.D. & Dr. Brandi
Center for Millennial Engagement Advising Team

Clymer Bardsley is the owner of The Bardsley Group which operates in the space between HR and Legal. They work with company leaders to identify delicate situations and hotspots that require immediate attention. Their work involves troubleshooting, developing new methods for managing conflict, and providing specific strategies and tactics to ensure enduring success. They accomplish this through advising, coaching, mediation and interactive workshops.

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