Getting Millennial Employees to "Buy-In"

On-Demand | taught by Jared Mello & Dr. Brandi

Masterclass Description

In order to get millennials to "buy-in" managers and leaders must first confront their own limiting perspectives about millennials. This masterclass discusses the importance of focusing efforts on top performers, using rewards strategically, and communicating in ways that empower millennials to be their best. 

If you are a manager or leader who has been struggling to get on the same page with your millennial team, this is the masterclass for you. 

Jared Mello & Dr. Brandi
Jared Mello & Dr. Brandi
Center for Millennial Engagement Advising Team

Jared Mello is a human development advisor who focuses on self-awareness and empowering professionals to remove the barriers that get can get in the way of their performance, productivity, and purpose. 

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