Corporate Etiquette for Millennials

On Demand | taught by Dr. Charlene Glenn & Dr. Brandi

Masterclass Description

We've heard it all before; "millennials aren't professional", but how can we blame them if we haven't spent the time to establish clear expectations for them?  

This masterclass is perfect for managers seeking ways to improve their millennial onboarding process. Yes, your company should have its own millennial onboarding process. 

Learn how to be proactive when helping millennials transition into your workforce. How can you do a better job of establishing expectations? How can you move beyond the "trial by fire" approach that runs most millennials away? Get all of these answers and more in "Corporate Etiquette for Millennials".

Dr. Charlene Glenn & Dr. Brandi
Dr. Charlene Glenn & Dr. Brandi
Center for Millennial Engagement Advising Team

Dr. Charlene Glenn is a Corporate Etiquette expert who has spent the last 20 years designing business and professional development programs to support the career development of both undergraduate and graduate students. Her programs have been implemented in higher education institutions such as Drexel University, St. Joseph's University, and Peirce College.  Throughout her career, Dr. Glenn has helped hundreds of students successfully transition from the classroom into corporate America. Her new web series "Etiquette Matters" will debut in 2018 and be distributed on a national scale. 

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