Creating Career Pathways for Millennials

On Demand | taught by Erika Shearlds- Hill & Dr. Brandi

Masterclass Description

Millennials want to know that their careers are going somewhere. Some may want promotions, but others just want to know that they have room to take on additional responsibility as they master their current role.

In this masterclass we outline a two-part framework that managers can use to motivate, guide, and engage their millennials. You will learn a simple way to begin discussing career pathways with your millennial team.

The best part about this approach is that it requires minimal effort on your part as a manager. This informal approach to career planning for millennials will have a positive impact on your entire team. 

Erika Shearlds- Hill & Dr. Brandi
Erika Shearlds- Hill & Dr. Brandi
Center for Millennial Engagement Advising Team

Erika Shearlds-Hill has over 15 years of professional experience in workforce development and education. Institutions request her expertise in employee development, career coaching, and adult education to enhance their organizational impact and program performance measures. She specializes in career pathways planning, soft-skill instruction, and corporate professional development workshops.

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